Redwood Finish & Timbers
GRADES: Clear All Heart Vertical Grain (No Sapwood)
Clear All Heart (No Sapwood)
Clear Vertical Grain (Allows Sapwood)
Clear Aye (Allows Sapwood)
Heart B (No Sapwood)
B Grade (Allows Sapwood)
Construction Heart (No Sapwood)
SIZES: 1x2 - 1x12
5/4x4 - 5/4x12
2x2 - 2x12
4x4 Wider & Thicker  
Kuzman Forest Products sources, sells and remanufactures assorted sizes, grades and patterns of Redwood lumber. Kuzman can run the above Redwood lumber to any Redwood or West Coast pattern, or match custom patterns from years past.

This represents our working inventory, however we can provide
other products and special patterns on a custom order basis.